#SportsConf took place on January 14, 2014. Click here. to watch and thank you to everyone involved!


We invited 60+ thought leaders from around the world to explore how social media and technology are disrupting the sports industry. This will take place through a full day of live interactive Google+ Hangouts on Air with questions sourced from Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Bo Moon

President & Co-founder, Bloomberg Sports

Bryan Srabian

Social Media, San Francisco Giants

Harrison Barnes

Small Forward, Golden State Warriors

Amy Walsh

Brand and Digital Manager, Hendrick Motorsports

Chris White

GM of Sports & Entertainment Solutions, Cisco

Ben Davis

CEO, Phizzle

Jan D'Alessandro

Head of Business Development, Backplane

Josh Decker

CEO & Founder, Tagboard

Dave Abbott

COO, SportsData

Tim Burke

Editor, Deadspin


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